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Welcome to agriXchange

agriXchange is a EU-funded coordination and support action to setup a network for developing a system for common data exchange in the agricultural sector.
This site has been set up to serve as a platform for the communication needs of agriXchange. The page area "Project" provides more information about the agrixchange project itself. Collected literature references, published deliverables and other documents can be found under "Results". Ongoing discussions and content provided by community members is shown in the page area"News and Discussion".

The aXTool: share and disseminate knowledge

The aXTool implements the reference framework for interoperability and data exchange in the agri-food sector. The first goal of such reference framework is to enhance information sharing of existing data exchange standards, best practices and proven solutions to the community members. The second goal is to assist in finding the technical solutions for interoperability problems.The key functions are to share the existing solutions among the community, discuss about them and give feedback and evaluations.
The development of this reference framework was one of the objectives of the agriXchange project. The platform will continue to support the community after the formal end of the project (December 2012).

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