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agriXchange session – EFITA congress

Prague, 12 July 2011

The agriXchange project team is pleased to invite you to take part in the agriXchange – EFITA 2011 joint conference on Digital Agenda for 2020, ICT-technologies, and knowledge management for integrated and sustainable farm management in the whole world. It is to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 11th to 14th July 2011.

This conference is a joint event: 8th EFITA, 8th WCCA, 8th ECPA, and 5th ECPLF conferences, EU-funded projects agriXchange 2nd workshop and VOA3R session.

Plenary sessions, which are presented by internationally renowned keynote speakers, feature state of the art insights into relevant aspects of ICT and data and information exchanges for the agribusiness. Separate project sessions, workshops and Open Space address more specific topics.

Learn about innovative solutions, recent discussions and new concepts for managing production and exchange of information and geo-information in the agricultural business!

Get an overview of the agriXchange project and products during its dedicated session, which consists in talks, a round table and an open space session. Beside project participants, we invited keynote speakers such as Johannes Keizer (FAO), Wim Devos (EC-JRC) and Frans van Diepen (UN-CEFACT/Dutch Min. of Agriculture). The full workshop will be broadcasted as a webinar through and it will be possible to interact through Skype (name: agriXchange)

agriXchange WP2 focuses on the analysis of the state of the art on farm automation level and data exchange in agriculture in EU27 and Switzerland. The presentation and an open discussion will deal with issues and challenges on current data exchange, agricultural characteristics and farm automation levels, main developments and differences (in regions), levels of data integration (process, data and physical layer). Recommendations for business and policy will be given.

agriXchange WP3 focuses on the agriXchange platform setup. New functionalities and features will be presented: framework implementation, linkages to other platforms, things that have been moved/changed according to requests from project partners and the community.

agriXchange WP4 focuses on the development of a reference framework for interoperability, relying on use-case studies. The basic design of the reference framework for data exchange and interoperability will be presented and discussed. The basic design is based on a user-centric approach and it describes a Reference Information Model (RIM) and the workflow for seeking and contributing information from use cases to single data exchange interface descriptions. The basic design provides the foundation for the agriXchange Tool that serves as an internet tool for practical data exchange harmonization work.

agriXchange WP5 focuses on preparation of the first version of a future vision on ICT trends in the Agri-Food sector. The main output of work is the ‘Cologne declaration’, published at the GeoFARMatics conference held in Cologne, Germany, from 24th-26th November 2010. The Cologne declaration is now discussed in social media networks, mainly on LinkedIn and will also be broader discussed in the whole conference setting in Prague.

Participate in and move freely in some working groups during our open space, to debate with project participants and share additional background information. The outcome of the workshop will be presented to all participants in the end of the open space session, in real-time to all webinar participants, and later at agriXchange platform.

Get four days of networking opportunities!

Take the opportunity of the conference to additionally experience a spa in Carlsbad, have a tour in Prague city center or in Central Bohemia, dream during a sightseeing tour in some Bohemian!
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