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Smart Agrimatics joint conference - Press Release

I have really enjoyed the conference. I got a lot of new ideas attending "Smart Farming" topic. Thanks!
(posted on LinkedIn by Patricia Perez, Project manager at Agrobase-Logigram, France)

This press release is available in PDF format (see attachment at bottom).

The international joint conference Smart Agrimatics on the future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and agri-food has been held in Paris on 13th and 14th of June, 2012. It has been organised by a committee formed by 3 EU-FP7 funded projects:

agriXchange presented to "Tuinbouw Digitaal"

Today, the 22nd of March, agriXchange was presented to the steering board of "Tuinbouw Digitaal" (in English: Digital Horticulture) in The Netherlands. They are interested in participating in the agriXchange platform and in the Smart AgriMatics conference in Paris.
The PowerPoint presentation is attached to this message.


Report research FMIS and standards online

This research provides an inventory to different FMIS and the standards they use. Find more information via the following link: Research FMIS

agriXchange publication in "International Innovation"

An article about agriXchange was published in the magazine International Innovation, issue 5. A pdf is attached.
International Innovation is a publication of Research Media:



The EU-funded projects FutureFarm, agriXchange and CAPIGI-network which joined together in GeoFARMatics 2010 in Cologne, Germany, from 24th-26th November 2010, recognised that agri-food and rural ICT must be an essential part of the European Digital Agenda for 2020. The process of building the Rural Knowledge Society started by the Valencia declaration helps to reduce the digital divide between rural and urban communities in Europe.


Log book of activities

I'm getting quite involved now in all kind of activities and nice trips, but it means that I hardly can keep up with reporting. So I decided to make a kind of log book of my activities first. See attachment.


RSS Feeds available

RSS feeds are now available for News, Events, Literature and Use Cases. If you subscribe to a RSS feed with your feed reader, you will be alerted every time a new item appears in any of this agriXchange website blocks.

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WP5 - Karel Charvat: White paper for AgriXchange Strategic Research Agenda

This document is intended as discussion material for future vision of strategic research priorities in the area of ICT and standardization for AgriFood sector. This document is based on previous work done mainly inside of EFITA conferences and studies related to ICT adoption, on the Strategic Research Agenda of Ami@NetFood program, results of c@r IPproject and results of FutureFarm Knowledge Management Visions.

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