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Workshop 'The Future of Information Exchange and ICT in Agri-Food business'

On behalf of the EU-FP7 projects agriXchange ( and SmartAgriFood (, we invited Rod Conner, CEO of AgGateway in the USA to share his experience and thoughts on information exchange and use of ICT in the agri-food business.

AgGateway is a consortium of businesses serving the agriculture industry formed for its members to achieve the benefits gained when companies collaborate to share information electronically in the agricultural and food supply chains. The non-profit organization helps member companies efficiently address current and future challenges in traceability, increasing government regulation and helps member companies achieve supply chain cost savings. For more information, see

We would like to organize a half-day interactive workshop in the afternoon of the 5th of October in Münich, Germany, adjacent to a general project meeting of the SmartAgriFood project.

The objectives of this workshop would be:
- exchange of knowledge and experience on information exchange and standardization
- look for possible future cooperation between various standardization organizations and business platforms and the role of the currently established agriXchange Platform and Living Lab

Therefore we would like to have active participation from the counterparts of AgGateway in Europe:
• AgroXML
• AgroEDI Europe
• AgroConnect
• FrugiCom
• FloreCom
• EDIbulb
And perhaps we could think of other organizations such as UN\Cefact, AEF, INSPIRE, GS1 and other partners from both projects.

For more details see attachments.