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The outcome of the project is summarized in a number of deliverables, which are available here.

PDF icon D2.1 agriXchange_In-depth analysis literature review_FINAL.pdf3.75 MB
PDF icon D2.2 agriXchange_Methodology investigating EU27+Sw_FINAL.pdf3.58 MB
PDF icon D2.3 agriXchange_Chapter of the investigating state of the art in data exchange in EU27+Sw_FINAL.pdf4.45 MB
PDF icon D2.4 agriXchange_Current situation in data exchange in EU27 & Switzerland_FINAL.pdf4.17 MB
PDF icon D3.1 agriXchange_Set-up of agriXchange platform - Requirements and criteria analysis for the agriXchange platform_FINAL.pdf3.4 MB
PDF icon D3.2 agriXchange_Set-up of agriXchange platform - Website and specific tools_FINAL.pdf3.33 MB
PDF icon D3.3 agriXchange_Set-up of agriXchange platform - Community of practice_FINAL.pdf3.34 MB
PDF icon D3.4 agriXchange_Business model for long-term sustainability_Final.pdf3.41 MB
PDF icon D4.2 agriXchange_Criteria for use case specification and documentation for data exchange harmonization_FINAL.pdf3.33 MB
PDF icon D4.3 agriXchange_The basic design of the reference framework for interoperability and data exchange in agri-food sector_FINAL.pdf3.45 MB
PDF icon D4.4 agriXchange_Information models of the three selected use cases_FINAL.pdf4.6 MB
PDF icon D4.5 agriXchange_Reference framework design and verification _FINAL.pdf4.67 MB
PDF icon D4.6 agriXchange_Guideline for use of the aXTool as a supportive tool in data exchange harmonization work for interoperability _FINAL.pdf4.73 MB
PDF icon D4.7 agriXchange_Final report of the achieved results in data exchange harmonizing _FINAL.pdf4.1 MB
PDF icon D5.2 agriXchange_Final SRA_FINAL.pdf6.08 MB
PDF icon D5.2 agriXchange_Final SRA_Executive Summary.pdf3.61 MB
PDF icon D6.2 agriXchange_Report GeoFARMatics 2010_FINAL.pdf5.28 MB
PDF icon D6.3 agriXchange_Report workshop EFITA WCCA 2011_FINAL.pdf4.3 MB
PDF icon D6.4 agriXchange_Report joint workshop Smart AgriMatics 2012_FINAL.pdf4.62 MB