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Agri-Food apps

Pecha Kucha Session: Agri-Food apps

We are glad to announce that the following papers were accepted for presentation during the Pecha Kucha Session Agri-Food apps at Smart AgriMatics:

- LivestockOne Android data collection application - Andrew Cooke (Managing Director, Rezare Systems Limited, New Zealand)

- Veggipedia App - Johan den Engelse (Support Desk Frug I Com / Projectadviseur, Fruit Vegetable Agency Holland, The Netherlands)

- food mapping - Ed Dowding (Sustaination, United Kingdom)

- AppsforFarming - Corné Braber (Marketing Manager & Business Development, Apps for Farming, The Netherlands)

- Smartphone apps for agriculture in Poland - Jerzy Weres (Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland)

- Clarity from farm to point of sale - Tim Bartram (GS1 Germany GmbH, Germany)

- Mobile monitoring of pest and diseases - Manfred Röhrig (ISIP e.V. Geschäftsstelle, Germany)

- Service Broker based interaction of mobile Apps with truck scales for biogas plants - Harald Sundmaeker (ATB Institute for Applied Systems Technology Bremen GmbH, Germany)

The Pecha Kucha Session Agri-Food apps will focus on advanced and innovative smartphone applications developed for the Agri-Food sector. An overview of current availability and functions of more and more popular applications will be provided, and selected sample apps will be presented. The most important issues in designing and using smartphone software will be discussed, including trends, features and new business models. A cooperation platform will be established to promote experience exchange in developing and using smartphone apps in the agri-food sector.

More information about the Pecha Kucha Session Agri-Food apps:

- Jerzy Weres (Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poznan, Poland)
- Tamme van der Wal (AeroVision B.V., Naarden, the Netherlands)