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Agri-Food CIO Roundtable

“Future platform for Agro-ICT: where to go?”

The organisers of the Smart AgriMatics Conference would like to use the 2012 conference to bring together Chief Information Officers (or their equivalents or representatives) in the AgriFood Sector to discuss the developments in agro-ict from a business perspective. The idea is to try to link the strategies of companies in the food sector to the developments in ICT and to discuss what this means for the research agenda.

• Welcome and introduction of participants (chair: Krijn Poppe)
• Foresight on ICT platform ideas (15 min. introduction by mr. Sjaak Wolfert)
• Discussion (30 minutes)
• Experiences with European Technology Platforms (10 minutes introduction by prof. Gerhard Schiefer)
• Questions and answers (10 minutes)
• Suggestions for a research agenda (30 minutes)
• Evaluation and follow up (15 minutes)