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The aXTool for information exchange in agri-food

The aXTool for information exchange in agri-food sector

Demonstration and geting hands-on experience with the aXTool for modelling and implementing use cases on information exchange in the agri-food sector.

Lead responsible:
Liisa Pesonen


Information sharing is an important issue within the knowledge-based bio-economy. Information sharing in agri-food sector is a complex issue since it involves dimensions from supply chain and its several value chains to governmental administration. Businesses and government in the agri-food sector tend to cooperate with each other in open networks. ICT plays an enabling role to facilitate the focus on services in these networks. The present base of information systems lack standardization, which have hindered efficient exchange of information. This has hampered adoption of new knowledge and technology, which has lead to inefficient business processes. At the moment, the exchange of information, especially at the whole chain or network level, is poorly organized.

Thus, a reference framework to enhance interoperability and data exchange between various subsystems in the agri-food sector has been developed in the agriXchange project. The implementation of the reference framework is called aXTool. The functionalities of the aXTool enhance information sharing of existing data exchange standards, best practices and proven solutions in a context aware way. The aXTool also assists in finding collectively the technical solutions for interoperability problems.

This session introduces the aXTool and demonstrates its functionalities for information sharing and data exchange harmonization to enhance interoperability in the agri-food sector. A precision farming use case “GeoFertilizer”, its variants and related data exchange interfaces are used as demonstration examples.

Chair - Henri Holster, WUR
11:00 Introduction to aXTool functionalities – Liisa Pesonen, MTT
11:20 Demonstration of information sharing with GeoFertilizer use case and related data exchange interfaces – Markku Koistinen, MTT & Esther Mietzsch, KTBL
11:50 aXTool as data exchange harmonization support – Liisa Pesonen, MTT & Esther Mietzsch, KTBL
12:20 Discussion
12:30 End of session