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Food Awareness

Developing of the concepts of Tailored Information and Transparent Meat in which the consumer is informed relevant information e.g. concerning safety, availability, health, environmental protection, animal welfare, etc. using chain information systems and Future Internet.

• Opening and introduction: "Food Awareness, Food Transparency and Future Internet contribution” - Carlos Maestre (Atos, Spain).
• “Recommended practices to improve food capabilities of the Future internet” - A. Sebők, F. Homolka, I. Gábor, K. Viola (Campden BRI, Hungary).
• “Tailored Information Consumers” - Eloi Montcada (Bon Preu, Spain), Carlos Maestre (Atos, Spain), Ramón Alcarria (UPM, Spain).
• “Mobile Services for AgroFood (MoSeForAgrofood)” - Andrea Maurino (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy).

• Coffee break

• “Animal Welfare: Consumer reactions” - Eloi Montcada (Bon Preu, Spain).
• “Tracing, Tracking and Awereness in Meat” - Rob Hartog (Wageningen UR), Bernd Hallier (EHI Retail institute), Tim Bartram (GS1).
• “The concept of prosumer” - Ramón Alcarria (UPM, Spain)
• Open discussion “The role of consumer in the future supermarket - user-centric business”.
• Conclusions - (ATOS).

Lead responsible:
Carlos Maestre, Rob Hartog, Bernd Hallier and Eloi Montcada