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Smart Agri-Food Logistics

The food and agribusiness is an important sector in European logistics with a share in the EU road transport of about 20%. The sector faces specific challenges that heavily impact the required information systems. In particular, there is a high uncertainty regarding fresh product quality as well as available volumes due to variations in the natural production process. As a consequence, the prediction and planning concept and accompanying logistics system needs to be very flexible, enabling last minutes changes and real-locations, but also provide a robust planning. Due to these characteristics the current state of the art of ICT in the agri-food logistics is characterized by large amounts of available data, but there is a poor level of integration and the support for intelligent use of these data is insufficient. The complexity of the current solutions is too high and jeopardizes the development and operation of affordable solutions. As a result, there is a mismatch between the state of information technology in agri-food and the high and increasing need for intelligent solutions that combine interoperability with flexibility and that are both sector-specific and suitable for SMEs.

This session discusses the potentials of Smart Agri-Food Logistics to overcome this mismatch by utilizing the intended development of Future Internet (FI) technologies. It in particular focusses on two pilots that are currently running in the Smart Agri-Food project: one in flowers/plants and one in fruit/vegetables supply chains.


• Introduction Smart Agri-Food Logistics: Cor Verdouw (Wageningen UR)

• Fruit and Vegetables Pilot - Supply Chain Communication for Management and Marketing Support: Prof. Gerhard Schiefer (CENTMA, Bonn University)

• Flowers and Plants Pilot - Quality Controlled Logistics: Robbert Robbemond (Wageningen UR)

• How can we make the Future Agri-Food Business more efficient, transparent, and safe? EPCIS as Enabler for Supply Chain Event Management
Ralph Tröger (GS1 Germany)

Lead responsible: Cor Verdouw (Wageningen UR)