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Smart Farming

This session is focused on future internet concepts for farm management information systems. It is mainly organized by the Smart Farming Group within the SmartAgriFood project and the AgroSense platform developed by Ordina in The Netherlands. But there will also be room for input from other organisations. The session is currenly still under development and an update wiht a more detailed program will follow soon. Preliminary session blocks are:

Session 1.1 Concept of Farm Management service-based Future Internet architecture and functionalities

1. Farm Management Information systems embedded in cloud systems - Dr. Egon Schulz, (Huawei, Germany)
This presentation will show how the current cloud concepts will embed vertical industries like SmartAgriFood and in particular a farm management system concept. We will show how the Future Internet capabilities will enhance Farm Management Systems and how security and privacy can be addressed. This presentation will also outline the challenges for cloud technologies ahead of us.

2. Smart Greenhouse control enhanced by Future Internet principles - Dr. Alexandros Kaloxylos, (NATIONAL AND KAPODISTRIAN UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS)
Here, promising novelties for greenhouse control are outlined and based on concrete examples we show how Future Internet will improve the financial balances.
The chosen design approach including expert systems will be presented and shortcomings of current principles explained.

3. Next Generation of Smart Spraying Solutions - Frederick Teye, (MTT Institute, Finland)
We will present how Future Internet principles will reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals on fields. Details of proposed concepts will be revealed and analyzed. Cloud principles in conjunction with Future Internet are the key assumptions of this proposed solution.

4. Management software for rural areas – transfer into the cloud! - Mr. Walter Mayer (CEO, Progis Software GmbH, Austria)
The presentation's objective is to present a holistic approach for managing agriculture in a country. Which software is used and how it is ported to the cloud.

Session 1.2 Future Internet service-based architecture according to EU FI-WARE.

1. Future Internet service-based architecture according to EU FI-WARE - Overview by Dr. Egon Schulz (Huawei Germany)
This presentation will give an overview on proposed key functions

2. Smart Farming functions based on FIWARE technologies - Dr. Alexandros Kaloxylos, (NATIONAL AND KAPODISTRIAN UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS)

Session 1.3 Hands-on session SmartAgrimatics: connecting agriculture
After years of creating point to point solutions in agricultural automation, it is time to take the next step and connect those solutions.
In three 2 hours hands-on sessions, software developers from several companies will attempt to connect their software. Every software developer related to agriculture is invited to accept this challenge to create a working proof of concept which will be demonstrated in the closing session. As a backbone or reference, frameworks that were developed within the agriXchange and SmartAgriFood project, as well as the Dutch AgroSense platform developed by Ordina, will be used.

As an example case we use crop protection:
     - A Farmer requests crop protection advice from his farm management software (message from FMS to advisor)
     - The advisor replies with a crop protection advice (message from advisor to FMS)
     - The farmer creates a task file in his farm management system and sends it to his device (isobus taskfile message from FMS to device)
     - The device registers the as-applied data and sends it back to the farmer (isobus timelog message from device to FMS)

Of course this is only one of many use cases related to agriculture.
In the Netherlands there is a standard under development, EDIteelt 4, for data exchange in agriculture by webservices. We suggest to use this standard to supply the FMS info to the advisor and a format for advice-request to send it to the advisor. This case session could also help to show this standard should move forward and prove its use may be also in an European context.

Depending on hands-on session attendees we will create more use cases specific to your software.

We would like to invite you/your company to attend the hands-on sessions on the Smart Agrimatics conference and work on connected solutions together. Laptop and hands-on programming experience required

Session 1.4 Synthesis of Future Internet architectures for Farm Management
- Discussions, hands-on, and proposal of target Future Internet service based architectures for Farm Management
- Presentation of demo worked out in the hands-on working sessions (1.3).

lead responsible:
Markus Dillinger, Alex Kaloxylos, Ioanna Lampropoulou, Frederick Teye, Nicole Huether, Timon Veenstra