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Work packages

WP1 Project coordination and management

addresses the project management and scientific co-ordination tasks, including internal communication, quality management, time planning, reporting and financial control.

WP leader: Sjaak Wolfert,

WP2 Analysis of current situation in EU-27 and Switzerland

analyses the situation concerning data exchange in agriculture in EU member states (incl. Switzerland). The framework for analysis, as defined in section B., forms the backbone. Together with input from WP4 on specific topics, it will result in specific recommendations at a national level. Additionally, general recommendations will be defined, which are input for WP5. The analysis uses existing networks such as EFITA (see annex IV), and is supported by WP6. Results will be disseminated through the platform of WP3.

WP leader: Henri Holster,

WP3 Set-up of agriXchange platform

supporting the agriXchange community to share knowledge and standards during and after the project. It will be based on criteria that are taken from desk research, but also on results from the analysis of WP2. The platform will be internet-based and is used to carry the framework that is developed in WP4.

WP leader: Daniel Martini,

WP4 Development of a reference framework for interoperability

develops the basic design of the integrative framework and continues with the iterative development of the architecture and infrastructure as described in section B.1.1.4. Criteria, derived from the analysis of WP2 will be used. Implementation will be done according to a living lab approach in which three representative use cases are elaborated. The platform of WP3 will function as a collaborative working environment. A fourth use case will be used to verify the framework.

WP leader: Liisa Pesonen,

WP5 Synthesis, recommendations and defining of the SRA

synthesizes the results from WP2, WP3 and WP4 defining a strategic research agenda for follow-up activities of this project. It is important that the SRA is supported by all stakeholders.

WP leader: Karel Charvat,

WP6 Stakeholder integration and dissemination

coordinating stakeholder involvement and obtaining broad support from the user's community. This is done in close cooperation with the other WPs and in this way functions as a kind of integrating work package. A series of workshops, where the work and all relevant stakeholders come together, forms an important basis. Existing networks (e.g. EFITA) and contacts of all consortium partners are used for as
well receiving input as dissemination of the project results. An advisory committee is set-up for getting explicit advice on project plans and strengthening ties for future support.

WP leader: Guy Waksman,